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Smoke Detector Service Request

Smoke detectors save lives. This has been proven time and time again.

Dallas Bay Fire & Rescue provides smoke detectors free-of-charge to those that are otherwise unable to afford them. We install basic battery-operated, UL-217 compliant smoke detectors outside of all sleeping areas and on every level of homes. note: Under Tennessee state law, landlords are required to install and maintain smoke detectors in any property offered for lease or rent. (TCA 68-102-151) 

Dallas Bay will also change batteries in detectors that are not reachable by the homeowner free-of-charge. Many homes in our district have detectors that are 15+ feet off the floor level, and if you feel unsafe using a ladder, or do not have a ladder that can reach them please contact us. We are more than happy to service detectors for our citizens that are physically unable to do so!

Dallas Bay Fire & Rescue cannot guarantee functionality of any detector that is past its accepted 10-year lifespan. We will be REQUIRED to install a battery operated detector adjacent to the out-of-date detector to ensure protection.

Contact us below to request service.

Request Smoke Detector

Dallas Bay Fire & Rescue

Fire Prevention Division


A member of our team will reach out shortly!

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