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Dallas Bay Fire & Rescue Shares Firework Safety Tips

As we celebrate the freedoms we cherish, fireworks are a very big part of the celebration. While they can be beautiful and fun, they can quickly turn very dangerous. 

The only completely safe way to celebrate with fireworks is to go and enjoy a show put on by trained professionals. If you choose to shoot fireworks at home, follow these tips to help your family stay safe:

  • Never light fireworks with a cigarette lighter. 

  • Never hold fireworks in your hand. 

  • Only use fireworks in the way the manufacturer's instructions read. 

  • If a firework doesn't fire once lit, clear the area around it and do not approach. Soak the firework completely with a water hose and leave overnight. The next day dispose as normal. 

  • Once fireworks are shot, place tubes and spent shells in a bucket of water to cool before disposing. 

  • Never shoot fireworks in the direction of others. 

  • Know your surroundings. 

  • Secure all mortar tubes to a piece of plywood to prevent them from tipping over while shooting. 

  • Never attempt to modify fireworks. 

Should you choose the safer option of a professional show, visit local news outlet websites to see dates and times. 

Reminder: while it is legal to shoot fireworks in unincorporated areas of Hamilton County, some municipalities such as the City of Lakesite prohibit the use of fireworks within city limits.


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